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About Us

About Us: Beach Box Safe Inc.

Our story begins with the vision of our founder, Austin Igein, an industry expert in risk management. Austin's passion for creating solutions that enhance beachgoers' experiences led to the inception of Beach Box Safe Inc.

Meet Austin Igein: The Pioneer in Managing Beachside Risks

He loves the beach. An advocate for the healing power of beach time. With a well-traveled background, he has journeyed across the globe and has ingeniously crafted a beach box to address prevalent challenges that often hinder the enjoyment of beach time. 

Leveraging his expertise in risk management, he has engineered a triple-secure device, ensuring not only peace of mind but also serving as an entertainment powerhouse, enhancing the overall beach experience for all.

With a robust background in risk management, Austin Igein has dedicated his career to understanding and mitigating potential threats. This wealth of knowledge isn't confined to the corporate sector alone; it extends to the safeguarding of personal belongings at the beach. Austin's expertise forms the bedrock of Beach Box Safe Inc., ensuring a secure and stress-free beach experience for everyone.

The Beach Box Advantage: Secure, Charge, and Play

At Beach Box Safe Inc., we've redefined beach safety with our cutting-edge Beach Boxes. Beyond serving as secure storage, our boxes provide a host of benefits:

Top-Tier Security: Featuring GPS, cameras, and alarms, our Beach Boxes set the standard for securing your valuables.

Cell Phone Charger: Stay connected worry-free. Our Beach Boxes boast built-in charger and Ayres your cellphone stays powered up throughout your entire beach day.

Entertainment On-Demand: Immerse yourself in the beach vibes with our music-friendly Beach Boxes. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite tunes while soaking up the sun.

Your Beach Day, Elevated: At Beach Box Safe Inc., we're not just securing your belongings; we're enhancing your entire beach experience. Join us in redefining worry-free beach days with the expertise of Austin Igein and the unmatched benefits of Beach Box Safe Inc.